Phase formation of the department of “Organization of Customs Business and management” to experience the years carries out teaching the subjects by specialty.
In the present time the department hard works carry out c.e.s, doc. A. M. Maggeramov, c.e.s, doc. M. A. Dashdamirov, c.e.s, doc. A. B. Mammedov. Below the following subjects for bachelors and masters:

Bachelor’s degree:

- Customs statistics
- History of customs business and customs policy
- Entrepreneurship and Organization of business
- Management and marketing
- Customs and tariff regulation of foreign economic activity
- Organization of Customs Business and management
- Application of information systems in customs affairs
- State and legal regulation of the economy
- Customs paperwork
- Non-tariff regulation of foreign economic activity
- Techniques and Technology of the customs control transport and luggage
- The fight against customs offenses

Master’s degree:

- Modern customs problems
- History and methodology of customs
- The problems of customs and tariff regulation in Azerbaijan Republic
- Customs relations of Azerbaijan with foreign countries
- Place and role of the customs service of Azerbaijan in the external economic relations
- The foundations and process control in system of customs authorities
- The system of customs regimes
- Organization of Customs Business and management in Azerbaijan Republic
- The basic shape and features of the customs control
- The role of customs authorities in the protection of the domestic m market
- Making official of customs system

During the joint work of the departments were researched the following topics and were published the following articles:

1. Dashdamirov M. “Conceptual and actual activities of institutions in a market economy”. B-2001
2. Dashdamirov M. “Analysis of investment projects” B-2003
3. Gasimov A., Aslanov H. “The IMF and its role in the global economy”
4. Gasimov A., Aslanov H. “The IMF and its role in the regulation of international monetary relations”
5. Mammedov A. “The problems diversify of ownership in the transition period”
6. Rustambekov G. “Economic integration of the Caspian countries: the initial conditions and prospects”
7. Maggeramov A. “The new format for the UN: national development in the global economy”
8. Magerramov A. “National entrepreneurship and the role of customs authorities in the development of external economic relations”
9. Magerramov A. “The problem and prospects participation of Azerbaijan in regional integration process”

At the present time the head of the department is Maggeramov A...

23-27 December 2002 the international conference on “Assessment of environmental impact for development projects” was hold in Baku, where the members of the department took part and spoke with interesting topics.