The faculty « Diplomacy and modern integration processes » was formed in 2006. In connection with more and more expanded interest to area of the international relations, during functioning faculty, and the student's contingent therefore there was a necessity to more high levels of educational process both on a degree of the bachelor has increased for degrees of a magistracy.

The manual of university has taken radical measures for efficiency of teaching and preparation of the professional staff. Faculty «Diplomacy and modern integration processes» the manual has charged the woman first in republic - to the doctor of political sciences Hicran Huseynova. Such choice has been proved as Hicran Huseynova long-term pedagogical experience, and that Hicran Huseynova is the unique researcher in the field of integration processes. Formation of new faculty has not met serious obstacles.

On faculty the faculty was united from among teachers with the long-term pedagogical experience. Alongside with Associate professor A.Hajiyeva, Associate professor. K.Mamedov, Associate professor V.Djafarov, Associate professor. E.Hajinskiy to faculty had been invited also young experts: Candidate of political sciences J.Eyvazov, Candidate of political sciences S.Qarashova, Candidate of political sciences. N.Dunyamaliyeva, B.Aslanbeyli, B.Huseyn are graduates of faculty on a specialty « the International relations». Young teachers have already won respect at university, and alongside with successful protection of master's theses were published in many scientific magazines on actual problems of the international relations. For short time employees of faculty had been issued textbooks and manuals which have been handed at disposal of students. Among them: Hicran Huseynova «Modern integration processes», K.Mamedov «Diplomatic struggle of the states Antanta for section of Ottoman empire after the first world war », V.Djafarov « Diplomatic etiket and a standard of speech », V.Djafarov and T.Taqiyeva « Diplomatic correspondence», T.Taqiyeva «Actual problems of the international relations», A.Hajiyeva «the History of the international relations 1871-1919«, A.Safarova « Political portrait of A.Topchibashev».
The range of scientific directions and connections of faculty has extended. For today post-graduate students and dissertators of faculty from Turkey, Islamic Republic Iran, the Chinese National Republic work above researches on directions of global problems of integration and the international safety.

Employees of faculty cooperate with the Supreme Certifying commission at the President of the Azerbaijan Republic. Prof. Hicran Huseynova, Associate professor K.Mamedov, Candidate of political sciences S.Qarashova, Candidate of political sciences. J.Eyvazov are members of the Specialized Councils on protection candidate and theses for a doctor's degree on a speciality.
Employees of faculty participate both on republican, and at the international conferences and symposiums. Associate professor K.Mamedov is a member of an editorial board of a popular magazine « the Index of safety », issued in Moscow. Candidate of political sciences. J.Eyvazov is the secretary of magazine of the Swedish Publishing house «Caucasus and Globalization».
Naturally, scientific and pedagogical activity of faculty on it does not come to an end. Employees of faculty continue to work above new curriculums, the manuals, connected with requirements of new educational process on Болонской to system.
Pleases that fact, that the President of the Azerbaijan Republic mister I.Aliev has appointed Hicran Huseynova managing faculty a post of Chairman of the State committee on problems of Family, Children and Women. Fruitful work and Hicran Huseynova responsibility on this field is obvious.
Opportunities of faculty on preparation of career diplomats are extensive. In this direction faculty cooperation with Ministry of International Affairs, embassies and the international organizations.