Establishment of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920) and its activity remained in our peoples’ memory forever. One of the progressive steps made by young state was establishment of Baku State University. Being considered as a leader in the field of science and education in all years of its activity BSU turned into the center of scientific researches on high qualified personnel training and different fields. BSU and its numerous professor-teacher staff always living with searches are still among the first. It must be noted with pride that BSU cooperates with the most influential universities of the world, creates harmony of happened processes, scientific discoveries with Azerbaijan realities in globalized world. In this regard formation of “International relations and international law” faculty at BSU at the start years of our independence should be considered as regularity. 1990-1991 academic year was memorable with operation of new faculty “International relations and international law” faculty at Baku State University. This courageous step of Scientific Council found its proof during the time.

At that times ideas about international relations, especially ideas about international law science were little. Elimination of this void during short time required real selflessness. Personnels sent by farseeing Great leader Heydar Aliyev to get education in abroad joined into activity of the new faculty and during short period of time real international law school was established at BSU. And the first director of young faculty was the graduate of the international relations faculty of Kiev State University, one of the candidates of science in our republic in the field of international law, Zeynalov Sadiyar. In 2006 year the baton was passed on student of the faculty, doctor of historical sciences Zeynal Hasanaliyev.

It should be noted that at the beginning limited amount of the students (30 persons) admitted to the law faculty on international law specialty and (15 persons) admitted to the history faculty on international relations specialty. In 1991 year 55 students were admitted to the new faculty on three specialties- international law, international relations and international journalism. So, 1991-92 academic years is truly considered the date of independent activity of the faculty. In November of the same year 11 students studying at history and law faculties on specialties of international relations and international law, as well as students studying at international relations specialty of Lankaran State University were brought together in the faculty. Thus, the faculty from 82 person has turned into the big collective consisting of 350 persons. At that time the main factors of successful start of the faculty was experience existing since 70 years. Beginning from 1976 year about 60 foreign students from foreign countries of the world studied at BSU. Nowadays, significant amount of students from brotherly Republic of Turkey, Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Russia and Georgia study at the faculty.