Currently 82 Faculty members are engaged in training and education of the students. 6 of them are Doctor of Sciences, Professors, 21 are Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors, 16 are senior lecturers, 26 of them are lecturers and 13 of them are laboratory assistants. The vast majority of the Faculty members have graduated from the University during the 1990’s.

The language of instruction at the Faculty is both Azerbaijani and Russian. It is necessary students learn a miniumum of two foreign languages and in this sphere the achievements are extremely promising.


Today 1573 Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees level students in corresponding and second higher education departments study at the Faculty of International Relations and International Law.


The following constitiues interesting facts of the student population of the Faculty.


Day department Bachelor’s Degree level students:

Major - International Relations -504 students (Azerbaijani section – 310, Russian section- 194)-

Major – International Law – 282 students (Azerbaijani section – 157, Russian section- 125)

Major – Customs and Logistics Management –140 students (Azerbaijani section-  78, Russian section- 62)

Major – International Economic Relations –25 students (Azerbaijani section-  25)

Major -World Economics –76 students (Azerbaijani section –38, Russian

section- 38)

Master’s degree level day department– 198 students;

Bachelor level by correspondence – 127 students;

Second higher education by correspondence -221 students.


There is huge interest in majors of the Faculty. Every year the students with highest grades in the Republic are admitted to the Faculty.


If we analyze the report of the State Committee for Students Admission, 6  students in 2005-2006, 3 students in 2006-2007, 2 students in 2007-2008 and 9 students in 2008-2009 academic years were awarded the President’s Scholarship.


They actively take part in the life of Faculty and are called honors students.


38 Master’s Degree level students study in the first course of the day department of the Faculty. 21 of them study in Azerbaijani, 8 of them in Russian sections. The other 9 students for the first time study in English in the field of “Foreign Policy of Near and Middle East States”. Three of them are specializing in Arabic, 2 in Persian, 3 in Turkic and 1 in Hebrew languages. 20 students study in the second course of the Master’s Degree level (Azerbaijani section – 13 students, Russian section-4, English section-3). Now students with Bachelor’s Degree prefer a Master’s Degree study by correspondence. 16 students in the first course, 15 students in the second course, 22 students in the third course study for the second higher education.