At present the faculty represents the collective consisting of 82 people. 6 people of them are DPhil, professor, 21 people of them are candidates of science, 16 people of them are head teachers, 26 people of them are laboratory assistant and are included into technical staff. It has to be noted that, majority of the teachers in the chair are the undergraduates of 90th year. Education in the faculty is conducted in English and Azerbaijan language. Along with this, it is very important for each student to know two foreign languages. Successes in this branch are very glad. At present, there are 1345 students study in the faculty of “International relations and international law”, in the bachelor, master degree, in the full – time department and additional education department.
At the same time it has to be noted that, preparation of the staff is conducted in Russian language in the faculty.
354 students in the chair of IR (234 – Azerb, 120 Rus.)
329 students in the chair of IL (202– Azerb, 127 Rus.)
182 students in the faculty of economic management (115– Azerb, 67 Rus.)
II education IL – 273

In the part – time department of IR
Interest is very strong to the specialties of the faculty. Majority of the school leavers, who study gained the high point in this faculty. According to the reports of State Student Admission Commission, in the admission year of 2005 – 2006, Mansakhina Yana – 666,8, Valiyeva Zahra – 665, Hasanli Ulviyya – 659,2, Hasanova Gulnar – 654, 2, Gaibov Azad – 648,7, Gadimova Nazrin – 648, 6, and in 2006 – 2007 years - Hasanli Jamila – 671,2, Mammadguliyev Azad – 666, 2 and other students gained the high points. Students, gained the high points, were awarded with the scholarship of the President in the various years of the faculty. These students take active part in the faculty life and they are known as honors students. 41 undergraduates study in the first course of the full – time department. 23 people of them study in the Azerbaijan department and 10 people study in the Russian department. Other eight undergraduates for the first time study in English upon the specialty of “Foreign policy of the countries of near and Middle East”. Undergraduates of this group are specialized upon the languages of Arabic – 2, Persian – 2, Turkish – 2, Jewish – 2 languages. 86 people study in the second course of magistracy (Azerbaijan department – 49, Russian department - 37). Undergraduates of bachelor department have superiority to part – time department. For example, 23, 2 people of the first course, 61, 3 people study of second course, 71 people of the third course study in the second level of education. So, 282 people study (full – time – 127 people, part – time – 155 people) in the magistracy upon the faculty. A.Aliyev - deputy of associate professor upon the magistracy of the faculty works for the covering with the actual themes of scientific investigations and for rising of the quality of education. Only with his initiative, scientific – theoretical and practical journal name “International law and modern integration processes”, scientific – practical conferences of postgraduate and undergraduate faculties are conducted. Las such kind of ceremony took place relating with Constitution Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan on November of 2006 and its results were published in the special journal.

State care to Baku State University was very important during all years of the acting period. Blossoming period of the BSU was in the years of governing of Azerbaijan by Heydar Aliyev – great leader, national leader of Azerbaijan people. Appreciating of the educational centre which he was the graduate, named the Baku State University as “National wealth of Azerbaijan people”. Appointing of Abel Maharramov – correspondent member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, famous chemist, professor to the position of rector of Baku State University gave to the educational centre new mood. It is not chance phenomenons that, A.Mahharramov meet with teacher and students of the faculty of International relations and international law in the first week of his appointment. Notifying that, he will take care to the faculty and take into notice, he determined the duties before the collective or staff and he emphasized that state needs the prepared personnel. Changed and growing more beautiful, Baku state University entered to the Xxi century with scientific – educational base corresponding to modern standards, with high supplied labs, subject studies, and with scientists army who have a right to rival with activity investigations and world sciences. It was noticeable especially in the faculty of International relations and international law. We must note that, the scientist of the faculty defended (H.K.Huseynova, Z.M.Hasanaliyev, S.Z. Yusifzadeh) 3 thesis for a Doctor's degree and 9 thesis for a Candidate’s degree (H.Mehdiyev, R.Mammadov, A.I.Sadigov, A.I.Aliyev, A.Gurbanov, H.Gasimova, A.Maharramov and others).

Some teachers of the faculty finished their work upon the thesis for a Candidate’s degree and had submitted them to the High Certification Commission. We can mention the names - H.Aghabayli, S.Garashova, M.Aliyeva, N.Dunyamaliyeva, J.Eyvazov, A.Gulaliyev, A.Safarov. These young teachers having the great role in the life of this faculty are undergraduates of the fifteen aged faculty. Investigation of actual problems of the International relations is on the base of the scientific works of the department. We must note that, faculty was memorable with its indications in the years becoming history. Academic degree candidate of political sciences of our Republic belonged to Karam Mammadov – associate professor, teacher of the faculty. One of the famous women of policy Hijran Huseynova, first woman - Doctor upon political sciences is the Chair of the State Commission upon the ”Family, woman and child problems”. As a public officer she didn’t deny her assistance in the solving of child, women problems in our republic. At the same time H.Huseynova leads the chair of “Diplomacy and modern integration problems” which has been created recently. Generally, professor – teachers staff of the collective take part in the life of the university and take active part in the ceremonies which took place in other education centers in our republic. Members Council of defence had been invited as official opponents. Z.Hasanaliyev – the dean of the faculty is expert of History Institute of National Academy of Sciences, Rustam Mammadov – associate professor, performs public activity as a political commentator, he took part in many scientific conferences relating with status of Caspian sea.