Rector of Baku State University becomes Russian Academy of Sciences member

Rector of Baku State University, academician Abel Maharramov has been elected to the Russian Academy of Sciences along with the most well-known 63 foreign scientists including Nobel Prize winners Henry Kissinger,  Serge Haroche, Martinus Veltman, Roger D. Kornberg, Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Dan Shechtman (chemistry), Kenneth J. Arrow, Huang Wei.

On 28 October 2016, at the General meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences the results of the elections, carried out in three steps involving candidates 2400, were confirmed.

In 1966, Academic Abel Maharramov entered the faculty of chemistry of Baku State University and graduated with excellent grades in 1971. In 1973, he entered the Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov to post-graduate stage on specialty of “Organic Chemistry”. In 1976, he defended his candidate work “New method of raise of electrophylic of sulfochlors in the reaction of double junction to links”. In 1991, he defended doctor of science on “New synthetic approaches on the basis of electrophyl reactions of olefinations, three organic carbon- and heterostyled compounds”. In 2001, he was elected as Associate member of ANAS, in 2007 full member of ANAS. Under the direction of Abel MAHARRAMOV there were brought up more than 60 candidates for science. He is the author of 54 inventions, 51 textbooks and manuals and more than 1,000 articles and abstracts. Academician Abel Maharramov is Honorary Doctor of many advanced universities in the world, including Honorary Professor of Moscow State Lomonosov University, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia, winner of several international organizations in science, including ECO and ISESCO.

Press and Information Department, November 01, 2016.

/ 01/11/2016